Magazines bombard us with fashion advice, trends, forecasts and other â??stuffâ?, and sometimes itâ??s nice to have someone to decode all of that for us and give it to us in bite-size chunks. Pippa Lynch does just that…
There are tons of great trends at the moment, and so there is definitely something for everyone.  Here are some of the more wearable trends at the moment, and what you can do to bring them into your wardrobe:

•    Shoe boots: The new stiletto.  Wear them with your favourite shorts, skirts or dresses â?? ultimately, really versatile and really stylish and can be worn in summer and winter.

•    Purple: Itâ??s a great alternative to black or brown, and the best part about it is that any colour palette can wear it: whether you have brown hair and dark skin, or have golden blonde hair and porcelain skin, purple is a colour anyone can wear.  So definitely give it a try.

•    Grey: Has become a wardrobe staple â?? historically only worn in winter, but now making its presence known in the other three season as well.  Looks fab when worn with purple, teal, black and white.

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•    Another big thing at the moment â?? checks – and there is no particular colour check that is leading the pack â?? just any check really.  Wear them with skinny jeans and those fabulous new shoe boots of yours.  Find a pattern that suits you in Boyfriend shirts, button up shirts or peasant top.

•    Boyfriend â?? anything really.  From Boyfriend blazers to cardigans and jeans, stealing your boyfriendâ??s clothes has never been more trendy!  But remember, that whenever you wear these looser-fitting items to pair it with something sleek, like a tank top, skinny jeans or tights. 

•    And last but definitely not least â?? summer dresses!  Florals are the big print for the season so go wild.  Looks great when worn with pretty sandals or plimsolls.  Go for a denim jacket when it gets a little chilly to make it look less â??girlyâ?.