No one is going to call the cops over a rug that didn’t get vacuumed this week!

However, there are a few household chores that really need to be done daily, regardless …

Sinking feeling

Yeah, we were sad about this one too! But you really do need to wipe down both the kitchen and bathroom sinks daily.

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Letting the dishes pile up in the sink isn’t a wise idea either. Not only does it make an otherwise clean kitchen look a touch manky, but old dishes attract flies and other pests, so try and get them done (or at least pop them in the dishwasher) daily.


Counters are another thing that benefit hugely from a daily wipe. If you want to take the pain out the process, keep a tub of cheap baby-wipes to hand for a final wipe-down on the way to bed.

This is especially easy in the bathroom!

Totally floored

While most rooms can go a day (or three) without a thorough cleaning, the kitchen can’t. Not only is it a high-traffic area, but it’s prone to food spills – and remember what we said about unwanted pests moving in?

Litter mad

If you keep indoor kitties, then scooping the litter box daily is a must. You’ll have an odourl-free house, and less litter will be tracked all over your carpets.

Make the bed – and your day

This is such a simple chore, but one we all hate! All the same, making the bed in the morning will make the whole room feel fresher when you come home tired at the end of the day.

Keep on top of these simple chores, and your house will feel cosy and welcoming every day!