If you grew up in a house where silverware abounded, you probably remember being stuck with one of the yuckiest jobs around: polishing the silverware!

Boring hours spent with old rags and noxious tubs of smelly silverware cleaner …

Fortunately, we’re here to tell you there’s a better way – and it’s greener too!

While you’ll see a few ways to clean silverware without a special cleaner on the Internet (tomato sauce being a notorious candidate), this one is foolproof and works 100%.

All you need is a little aluminium foil, some bicarbonate of soda (1 tablespoon), some salt  (1 tablespoon), a little white vinegar (1/2 cup) and a glass or aluminium dish.

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Boil a cup’s worth of water

While that’s busy, toss the dry ingredients into a pan, then slowly add the vinegar. This will cause some frothing, so pour slowly and carefully!

Line the dish with the tinfoil

Add the boiling water, then gently place your silverware inside the dish, making sure each piece touches the tinfoil. Try not to overlap them.

Within about half a minute, you’ll have mostly clean silverware. Heavy tarnish may need a few extra minutes of soaking.

Presto! If there are any little spots remaining, a soft rag will buff them off.

Don’t you feel smart right now?