Clever cleaning with the humble lemon

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If you spend any time worrying about eco and green cleaning, you’ll know that lemon juice gets recommended for almost anything ...

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It’s legit guys!

Almost no other green cleaners does as good a job as this little packet of nature’s goodness.

Here are just a few of the more unusual spots in your house in which you can enlist lemon’s germ-and-dirt busting powers:

Rust got your clothes? No worries!

Lemon makes a great way to get those pesky rust stains out of cotton and polyester. Mix with a little cream of tartar, leave to soak and rinse off.

Remember to patch test fabrics for durability first.

Chopping boards - sorted

Keeping your chopping board hygienic is a critical mustdo, and lemon juice makes it easier.

Rinse down with undiluted lemon (or rub half a lemon with salt over the surface) and leave as long as you’d like. It can even be overnight.

It’s a germ busting but food-friendly way to keep your boards disinfected and healthy.

Sanitise earrings

Earrings and other piercings can be cleaned by soaking in a little lemon juice overnight.

Hard water stains and other mineral issues

Lemon juice is a surprising ally in the fight against hard water residue and mineral stains. Whether it’s the kettle or the shower doors, it’ll help you beat back the annoyance of those pesky marks.

What a versatile little cleaner lemon can be!