Summer is winding down, and while many parts of the country are still enveloped by off-the-charts-humidity and hot summer afternoons, believe it or not but retailers will soon start bringing in their winter ranges. 

To ease you into the cooler months, hereâ??s what you can expect to wear this winter â?? as far as accessories are concerned.  Knowing this will give you an insiderâ??s view into how you can prepare your wardrobe to accommodate these new pieces:
The biggest trend this season when it comes to necklaces is the multi-strand piece and can come in one of two ways:

â?? Two or more strands on the same neckpiece

â?? Two or more separate necklaces being worn together at the same time

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When it comes to earrings, you will see retailers and shoppers alike voting for novelty studs and drops. 

Flowers and bows will be particularly popular. Rings have been quite big for the last couple of seasons, and this will continue into Winter 2010.  Cocktail rings offer a great alternative to the knuckle-duster if thatâ??s not your thing

Bracelets will be big and bulky

You will see a lot of cuffs, stacked bracelets or bangle sets on retailers shelves â?? and they all look great with a maxi dress, wedges and a hobo bag.
Other trends that you can look forward to:

Florals and lace will be everywhere â?? wear it with your skinny jeans, killer heels and a slouchy tee to avoid the very over-the-top look that often comes with these 2 items
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As mentioned above, bows will come through everywhere, from hairpieces, to earrings and rings.
Flowers and animals will be popular choices for pendants and charms.  Birds in particular will continue to trend into the new season
Gold and Silver will overtake coloured beads and strands
Winter isnâ??t looking so gloomy donâ??t you think?