After a false start with the weather we can now officially say that summer is upon us.  Here is our definitive A-Z guide on all the fashionable essentials this season.
A: Accessories â?? drench yourself in accessories this summer, from neckwear to rings and stacked bracelets
B: Braids â?? from your hair to belts and accessories, everything is braided
C: Circus â?? Thereâ??s a decisively Circus-inspired look brewing: Think military Jackets, ankle boots, skinny jeans, leggings, black and red.  All with a rock â??n roll edge to it. 
D: Dress Up â?? Metallics and sheen are not only for the evening out â??  Retailers and designers are creating items that can be worn during the day, like sequined tops, jackets and bags
E: Exercise â?? The rest of the season will be marked by the gym look: leggings, hoodies, tennis dresses and retro converse sneakers.
F: Futurism â?? One-shoulder dresses, exaggerated shoulders, body con, peek-a-boo panels in dresses and tops â?? itâ??s all about a minimalist approach to fashion using the shape of the garment to create a statement
G: Gentlemenâ??s Club â?? Male tailoring meets feminine sophistication.  Think waistcoats, boyfriend blazers, shorts, tailored trousers and brogues.
H: Heavenly dresses â?? Chiffon, organza, silk and satin: pretty dresses are all the rage.
I: Indulge â?? Pastel colours are dominating in the summer colour stakes. 
J: Jeggings â?? They look like denim but are really just leggings.  They look great with longer line tops and tunics – a great alternative to the plain black or coloured styles.
K: Kissable lips: Pinks, reds and berry colours are the key lipstick colours this season.  Opt for the shiny glosses instead of the matte ones –  they will make your lips shine and oh-so-kissable
L: Legs â?? Show off your legs this summer with shorter skirts and dresses.  Time to tone up those legs ladies!
M: Minimal â?? sculpted tops, tailored pants and structured dresses â?? a la Calvin Klein androgyny
N: Nude â?? Another big colour
O: Ombre Hair â?? Blonde hair with natural roots showing through is the must have hair colour this season.  Ask your hairstylist how.
P: Park Life â?? Florals and paisleys will be the key print
// –>
// –>Q: Quality over Quantity: The key to a great looking wardrobe is to invest in quality items rather than quantity: spend R500 on a dress instead of R500 on lots of cheaper items that wont last five washes
R: Ruffles â?? Find ruffles on everything
S: Seventies Style Shoes â?? Wedges and platforms / wood and cork heels / leather straps / in shades of brown and white
T: Tribal Deluxe â?? African and Aboriginal Prints, ethnic-inspired jewellery
U: Underwear – worn as outerwear (body suits, lace, satin and sheer)
V: Vintage â?? A wardrobe favourite â?? going vintage has been with us for a while now and makes no plans to go anywhere fast. 
W: Wild West â?? Revisit the Gold Rush â?? ruffled skirts, ponchos, crisp white shirt, slouchy day dresses, fringed boots
X: XL â?? supersize those shades ladies!
Y: Yellow â?? another key colour this season.  If youâ??re a bit apprehensive about this colour, opt for a lovely warm buttercup colour.  Looks great when used as an accent colour (for example a blue summer dress and yellow pumps)
Z: zzzz:  Getting lots of rest this summer is the key to looking fresh and healthy.  Your skin rejuvenates itself at night so give it the best rest possible.