A new year â?? new exciting opportunities.  If 2010 is your year to find that dream job, then here are some tips on acing that interview â?? from a fashion perspective.  The rest is up to you and your CV!
1 â?? Although many companies are not as formal as they used to be, it is still advisable to dress up for your interview:  For men, that means a tie.  For women, it means a skirt or pants suit with a matching, tailored blouse.
2 â?? Tone down your accessories: This includes nose rings (unless for religious reasons), tattoos and tongue rings.  Try to hide them if you arenâ??t able to take them out. 
3 â?? Wear minimal makeup: This isnâ??t a beauty contest, so aim for a natural, fresh look.
4 â?? Donâ??t overspray the perfume: Less is more
5 â?? Use conservative colours: navy, black and brown.
6 â?? Try and get a natural-looking manicure and pedicure (should you plan to wear open-toed shoes) beforehand.  This will allow you to put your best foot (and hand!) forward.
7 â?? It goes without saying but donâ??t show off your â??assetsâ? or wear skimpy hemlines. 
8 â?? Get back to basics with your grooming: A shower, brushed hair and minty-fresh breath are always a must!
9 â?? Ask yourself these questions before stepping out the house:
    1 â?? Does my outfit fit properly?
    2 â?? Is it clean and ironed?
    3 â?? Would I hire me?
10 â?? Take along a stylish portfolio or briefcase â?? It shows you mean business
And remember: If in doubt, dress conservatively.  Donâ??t let your style get in the way of your interview â?? they want to see your talents, not your bits and bobs.
Good luck!