An alternative to standard highlights or single-process colour that celebs are opting for is Ombr̩ hair. The term ombr̩ in fashion refers to a fabric dyeing process (similar to tie-dye) that results in pale building up to dark colour fabric Рused by a lot of fashion houses in the last couple of years.
This is a very versatile trend and it works with various textures or tones of hair. You can go full-on punk with high contrast hair or more subtle. You will get a different look if you do this with a cropped do. It’s economical and low maintenance as you don’t need to constantly touch up your roots.
It is basically two-tone hair – either go for a distinct line where the two tones meet (like Drew Barrymore), or bleed the colours gently into each other like the pink blended into blonde chosen by model Dree Hemingway
Model, Erin Wasson has worn this style for quite a while. But it has received a lot of attention since stylist Katie Shillingford sported blond hair that progressed to blue and then black tips at Paris Fashion Week.
This is the modern equivalent of the bedhead or purposefully smudged eyeliner- it screams “devil may care attitude”. If you are a control freak when it comes to your hair, and like to be perfectly polished, this trend is probably not for you.

The process takes about 4 hours. Because the tips are so much lighter, they will be very fragile, so it is advisable to use a hair masque, and to shampoo as little as possible. Use sulfate-free products to protect the colour and a product to  give dry hair shine, protect colour from UV damage and protect whilst heat styling.


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