There’s been a trend in interior design for quite some time, called Granny chic. The basic premise is a modern take on old favourites, such as wallpaper, knitting, and crochet. Granny chic has also been spilling over into the fashion world. It seems the inevitable result of hipsters pillaging vintage clothing stores.
Granny chic is inspired by vintage fashion – think:


  • tweed skirts

  • twinsets, frumpy cardigans and pearls

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  • knee-length floral print tea dresses

  • old lady handbags

  • quasi-orthopedic sandals

  • mary-jane shoes

The look is very OAP (Old Age Pensioner).
Kate Nash, Sophie Ellis-Bextor and Pearl Lowe (Daisy Lowe’s mom)are granny chic icons.


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What do you think about “granny chic”? Have you seen any items in shops recently to get the “granny chic” look? Please share with our readers!