Pippa Lynch gives us some insight into fashion through the eyes of a child â?? and shows us what we can learn…..
 A lot of what a child learns comes from his teachers, parents or simply observing the world around him.  They also tend to make their own insights about what they see â?? hence the saying â??kids say the darndest thingsâ?.  These insights also extend into the fashion arena, and believe it or not, there are a few things that we can learn from these little people:
1 â?? Labels donâ??t matter

Unless your child is Shiloh or Suri Cruise, they probably donâ??t care for much for labels and brand names (then on the other hand if your tyke refuses to wear anything unbranded, good luck to you!).  Kids are more interested in the embellishments like hidden pockets (to hide various creatures from the garden), zips or buckles. 
2 â?? Wear what you love

Most parents will agree that it is virtually impossible to get their child out of an item of clothing that they simply love â?? the superman outfit, the princess shoes, etc.  Donâ??t be afraid to allow your favourite pieces to make repeat appearances in your daily looks: after all, if makes you feel and look great, why keep it for special occasions?
3 â?? Play pretend

Children put on their superhero shirt and immediately assume their persona and magical powers â?? why not do the same in your own wardrobe?  Play dress up and enjoy revealing a new side of yourself!
4 â?? Itâ??s all in the touch

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As I mentioned in point number 1, kids love the embellishments rather than the fancy labels. The same goes for tactile properties of fabrics and materials.  Invest in items that feel great: that means velour, satin, velvet and chiffon. 
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// –>5 â?? Do your own thing with fashion

Have you ever let your child choose their own outfit only to giggle to yourself about how ridiculous the combinations are that they come up with (the cowboy boots with shorts, green and red worn together, a sailor hat worn with the cozzie, the combinations are endless). 

Try to emulate this behaviour in your own wardrobe: instead of wearing that blouse in the same way youâ??ve been wearing it for the last 5 years, try something new.  Youâ??ll be amazed at how much more wear you will get out of your closet.
6 â?? As much as I hate to say this: Fashion to children isnâ??t everything

Fashion isnâ??t at the centre of their universe. My sister is a housewife and so when her son needed someone to come and talk at his school for career dayâ?? I offered to do a talk on fashion.  He turned to me and said â??Couldnâ??t you pretend to be a doctor instead?â?
Itâ??s amazing what we can learn from children – fashion will surely benefit in the long run too.