Have you ever wondered what your shoes say about you?  We study body language, speech patterns and star signs to figure out what people are all about, but did you know that your shoes can offer just as many clues about who you are as your astrological sign? 
Queen of the Stilettos

They cause sore feet, bad backs and bankruptcy, but their beauty makes them easy to forgive. The allure of the stiletto lies not so much in their sexiness, but in the power that they afford the wearer: studies have shown that when you are taller than those around you, your confidence soars. 

Opt for stilettos when going into an important business meeting â?? it will put you in the driverâ??s seat.
Flat as a pancake

At the opposite of the shoe spectrum are the flat sandals and thongs that are a wardrobe favourite, especially in summer. They reveal your girl-next-door qualities and are great for those girls who like to keep it natural. 

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However, they can give off the wrong impression in a work environment, so keep them in your wardrobe when you want to get that promotion or pay increase. 
Peep show

What better way to make an entrance than in a fabulous pair of peep toe heels? Wearing these shoes shows just enough to leave the guys in the room wanting to know a little more about you. Getting ready for a single girls night out on the town? Peep toes are your best option to securing some numbers before the end of the evening.
Ballet flats

Studies have shown that ladies who wear flat shoes like ballet flats and loafers are often very diplomatic and ambitious. When Audrey Hepburn wore her classic black ballet flats back in the 1940â??s, I am sure she didnâ??t know that she was launching a new shoe movement. But they have been around for over 70 years and arenâ??t going anywhere!

Comfortable and stylish? It can only be the ballet flat…
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// –>Sneakers

In the past, sneakers were the shoe of choice for athletes and retirees in Miami. Recently however, sneaker brands have really upped the game to give us fashionable shoes that we can slip into if weâ??re out for a run or for days when we just canâ??t face wearing heels. 

A global survey revealed that ladies who wear sneakers are spontaneous and assertive: good to know that it doesnâ??t necessarily mean we are lazy! In fact, the poll showed that those who own at least three pairs of sneakers are more often than not in a leadership role within their company. 

Just goes to show you: never judge a book by itâ??s cover…