We all love to eat. It’s a taste sensation, a social occasion, relaxing, and a way of sustaining life …

Unfortunately many of the foods we commonly eat are not good choices for the ‘life-sustaining’ part of that deal – and this happens to be the most important.

If you’re looking to enjoy your food but lose weight and be healthy at the same time, then here are FIVE great substitutions you can make at the grocery store … Don’t forget to check #4 for Jamie Oliver’s 100-calorie popcorn recipe! YUM.

1. Get real juice

Real fruit juice contains real fruit, so small wonder it’s better than a glass of what is essential flavoured sugar-water.

They both have similar calorie-counts (real fruit juice is about 10% lower), but one has up to 25g of artificial sugar (the fake juice), the other does not. Also, the real stuff contains fibre to slow digestion.

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Even better? Make your own juice:

This Natural Homemade Beet Juice recipe is a great way to detox! And it tastes delicious.

homemade Healthy Beet juice + lemon, carrot, ginger and apple

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