Christmas parties can be great fun, especially when you take the time to dress up, but never forget that they are still company functions (whether yours or someone elseâ??s that youâ??ve been invited to) so some rules need to be respected…..
Here are some tips to making a great show of your upcoming end of year function:
What dress code rules should I adhere to?
Given that this is a company function, remember the following:

•    At all other times of the year, very revealing items are a big no no, and your end of year function is no different
•    Shirts baring profanity and derogatory slogans are out â?? you arenâ??t 16, so donâ??t even go there
•    Donâ??t use this opportunity to bare all: keep the very short skirts and dresses for your weekends or time off.  The last thing you want to be doing at your party is pulling your clothes down!  You will look and feel uncomfortable.
•    Depending on the company that you work for, jeans might be appropriate (given a more relaxed working environment).  If they arenâ??t acceptable at normal times throughout the year, they arenâ??t acceptable at this party.
What should I be wearing to my office Christmas party?
Some companies will have a dress code for their Christmas parties (â??Dress up like your favourite Christmas characterâ? or some other equally as ridiculously unstylish).  If that is the case, dress it up and go wild with the theme. 

If however, no dress code has been given, then follow these rules so you donâ??t get it wrong (and look like Rudolf, while everyone else is in suits and blouses â?? need I saw embarrassing!  And career limiting?)
Keep in mind your companyâ??s dress code rules and dress according to that, but play it up a bit
•    Add some touches of glam to your outfit: red heels, red lipstick, mistletoe to your lapel, or a Santaâ??s hat.  Inject a little fun into your look!
•    Plan your outfit ahead: you will probably be wearing your normal work outfit during the day, but changing into your party frock at the end of it.   Planning your outfit ahead of time (and trying it on at home) means that you have thought of everything (and not forgotten your heels or stockings at home)
•    Donâ??t wear what you would normally wear to work, for example a clutch bag or colourful blouse.  If your Christmas party ends up at the local pub, at least youâ??re dressed for the occasion.
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•    An up do, different to your hairstyle you normally wear at work is a great option.
•    Will you have a special role to play at this party? Are you accepting an award or making a speech?  Dress up even more if this is the case: a pretty cocktail dress or stunning heels will do the trick
•    Donâ??t do sexy â?? rather opt for classy (research shows that when you dress in a sophisticated way, you are perceived as management)
And above all, use the occasion to show that you are worthy of being paid more! That means looking and feeling good!

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