Stylist Pippa Lynch offers a glimpse of what’s hot (and what’s not) in fashion trends for 2010…

As 2009 draws to a close, we will no doubt reflect on what has happened this past year.  And with the dawn of each new year, comes the promise of a fresh start and even better things to come.  As we wind down the year and gear up for the next one, here is my list of what is in, and what is out for 2010. 
2010 Fashion – What’s IN:

•    Kitten heels: The heyday of the stiletto and sky-high heels is slowly coming to an end.  Embrace the lowly kitten heel.

•    The red lip: Hollywood Glam is a style statement that will be key in 2010 â?? stash away your soft pink and brown lipsticks and say hello to your inner Hollywood starlet!  A glossy red lip is better than a matte one.

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•    Wrap dresses: Unfortunately not given enough airtime on retailersâ?? shelves until now.  The wrap dress is the perfect wardrobe staple: not only does it create a great silhouette, but it also adjusts to weight gains and losses (hopefully only losses!).

•    Grey: No longer just a colour for the winter months, grey is a colour that we will be wearing all year round.  In spring and summer, pair it with the brighter colours from your palette to make it pop.  Grey and red make a perfect pair.

•    Quality over quantity: 2010 is all about investing in fashion: donâ??t splurge on inexpensive junk â?? rather save your money and spend it on those high quality pieces that you will have for seasons to come. 

•    Healthy looking skin: Take care of your skin.  Especially as we venture into summer and the ozone continues to erode, take an extra couple of minutes in the morning and evening to nourish your skin.

•    Bling: I donâ??t mean this in a Jay-Z kind of way, Iâ??m referring to anything stylish with which you can adorn yourself: statement necklaces, chunky stacked bracelets, drop dead gorgeous earrings and large rings will be the order of the day.  Not only do they look great, but accessories are also the easiest way of updating your look and your wardrobe.
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What’s OUT for 2010:

•    Dark suntans: Rather keep in natural with a soft golden glow.

•    Boxy jackets and structureless blouses: Rather opt for pieces that cinch you in at the waist and create structure for your upper body

•    Square-toed shoes: Round-toe shoes are a lot more flattering and trendy: 2010 ushers in the end of the reign of the angular shoe.

•    Skin-tight jeans: The fashion world is slowly starting to breathe easy again with the banishing of the ultra tight skinny jean.  The new styles will include rolled up cargo pants, boyfriend jeans and ripped bootleg.  If youâ??re like me however and simply cannot chuck your skinnies away, rather keep them for winter when they make for a great partner to your fabulous knee high boots.

•    Suffering for fashion: Comfort will come to the fore next year (phew), so no longer will we need to suffer to look great: the heels are coming down, the tans wont be so dark and the jeans wont be so tight.
And hereâ??s to a fabulous and stylish 2010!