Makeover a space with paint

With a little creativity, it’s amazing what you can do with paint! Here are six ideas from Prominent Paints to help you makeover your space …

Paint a rug 

If you are going to paint your floors, consider painting a mock carpet directly onto the floor. It’s cost effective, low maintenance and creatively cool!

Keep colours in the same family

Dramatic changes in colour can be jarring and distracting. So keep your hues from one room to the next in the same palette or colour family and consider how they will flow from room to room to create the perfect picture.

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Border line

A dark wall with a contrasting border – which is easily prepared using masking tape as a guide – can help a gallery wall look more organised; much like a tray gives odds and ends order.

Make a statement

A single wall (or a door) painted in a bright colour draws the eye away from cluttered surroundings. So consider a splash of colour for a clean look.

The tunnel effect

Painting one side of a hallway a different, darker shade or colour than the other can reduce the tunnel effect.

Stop drop repeat

Repeat colours in a room at least twice to create a unified flow. Use your wall colour at least one other time in your space, either in a throw, pillow or a small accent piece or a colour in a portrait. The repeated colour will help pull your style together.

Images: Supplied by Prominent Paints