The Greenery trend 

The Pantone Color Institute announces an annual colour of the year – and Greenery is the shade of 2017. However, incorporating the zesty yellow-green tone into your home can be tricky to pull off successfully, especially if bright and bold colours aren’t really your thing. 

“There are a few ways to go green without overwhelming your budget or your home,” says Claire Cobbledick of Gumtree South Africa. “The idea of Greenery is to revive and refresh without dominating the space.”

Here’s how to make it work:

Naturally peaceful

“If you prefer a calming atmosphere in your living room, opt for peaceful natural colours with splashes of bright green,” says Cobbledick.

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She says grey walls and furniture or olive and purple tones work really well with yellowy greens. “Even a vertical garden can act as a green feature wall without involving neon paint.”

Go bold

If you are on the opposite side of the colour spectrum, opt for lots of bold colours. Hot pink, popsicle orange, blazing yellow and black all work with greenery – and you should try to incorporate all of them.

“The trend in 2017 is to either be understated with pops of colour … or to pop everywhere! It’s a strange combination but doesn’t clash if done well.”


Decorators who like muted colours should go the Analogous route. Pantone recommends using shades like buttercream (a warm shade of ivory), lavender, smoky pinks and rose colours along with your splash of green.

“It actually cools Greenery down,” says Cobbledick. “You can still have a colourful space without being too bold.”

If you aren’t willing to commit to a green feature wall or a new sofa, try to use scatter cushions, plants and prints in your favour.


Modern living room interior

“It’s cheap, non-committal and easy to update year to year,” says Cobbledick. “Buy a few bargains online and resell them when a new trend hits.”

Cobbledick says it’s also important to embody the spirit of the Greenery trend.

“It’s all about creating a space of reinvigoration. Make sure that you allow for a lot of natural light and avoid clutter. We all need room to breathe and that is exactly what décor trends hope to embody in 2017.”