Have a wedding coming up and donâ??t know what to wear?  Here is a crash course on how to be the best-dressed wedding guest.

Time of wedding dictates the dress code

The time of day indicates the dress code and thus appropriate outfit for any given wedding:

Daytime weddings

Daytime weddings are generally more casual than evening weddings. 

For her: stay away from black or anything that makes you look like youâ??ve just been at the office â?? go for more playful dresses, or a skirt and pretty blouse.  If dressy suits are more your style, choose one in a lighter colour as dark colours are more suited to evening occasions. 

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For him: Opt for a light-coloured suit, or dress pants and a button up shirt and blazer.  Donâ??t do a tuxedo â?? they arenâ??t appropriate before 6pm.

Evening weddings

Evening weddings are generally formal, so the outfits are more prescribed. 

For her: A cocktail or long dress (not too revealing) or a dressy suit will be most appropriate – keeping in mind the colour rule for evening nuptials.  Donâ??t do sequins unless the invite asks for â??Black Tieâ?. 

For him: Go for a dark suit in the case of more formal dress codes, but for casual or semi-formal evening occasions, smart pants with a button up shirt and blazer will work.

Wedding guest dress no-no’s

Whatever the occasion calls for, there are some things that guests should never wear to a wedding:

• White: this is what the bride will be wearing on her big day, so donâ??t try to upstage her.
• Anything too revealing
• Jeans
• Anything strapless or sleeveless to a religious wedding: in these cases, more is more, so cover up.