Crystals and naturally occurring materials that have been cut into gemstones are commonly used in jewellery. But theyâ??re also believed to provide healing, soothe, comfort and harmonise emotion, attune the body, mind and soul and activate our abilities. 

Spiritual healers especially believe that the healing power of gemstones heals the spirit and promotes recovery from addictions, good health, abundance and prosperity and career success.

Gemstone jewellery is as beautiful as it is mystical

Gemstones are as beautiful as they are mystical, with any given stone symbolic of an innate quality thatâ??s bestowed on its wearer; people who are born in a particular month or to a zodiac sign are thought to possess qualities resembling the gemstone linked to that month and associated with those qualities.

It is for this reason that gems and crystals are set in the crowns of kings and queens and priests of different religions – not only to obtain their potencies – but for the ability of gemstones to promote physical healing in the body and balance human emotion.

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Stemming from ancient remedies, spiritual healing and astrology, gems are considered storehouses of energy that can be transmitted through contact with oneâ??s body.  Based on energy principles, it is thought that because gemstones are made of minerals, they are able to better concentrate energy and powerful forces around us.

Vijaya Kumar (author of All you wanted to know about Gems) attributes this phenomenon to the magnetic qualities of gemstones, which creates strong energy fields and enables us to be charged with those energies â?? provided the stone is always in contact with our bodies. The more precious the stone you choose to wear, the more powerfully those energies will resonate with us, according to Kumar.

Gemstones are associated with every birth month in a year

Blue sapphires are implies that the wearer is calm under pressure, while a red ruby suggests a more fiery temperament. Birthstones for respective birth months include:

  • Garnet for January;

  • Amethyst for February;

  • Aquamarine for March;

  • Diamond for April;

  • Emerald for May;

  • Pearl for June;

  • Ruby for July;

  • Peridot for August;

  • Sapphire for September;

  • Opal for October;

  • Yellow Topaz for November and

  • Blue Topaz for December. 

Astrology has a broader categorization of gemstones and related star signs, which accommodates more than one gem per sign. This simply means more jewellery for you, with a variety of gemstone settings!

Every gemstone signifies or symbolizes a different meaning of its own and when choosing a gemstone that has personal meaning to you, has several attributes to consider such as colour, whether it promotes healing or good luck, if itâ??s suited to your birth month or star sign. 

Once youâ??ve made a choice that resonates with you, donâ??t deprive yourself of its positive energy by storing the stone or jewellery away for special occasions!

Gemstone symbolism is varied and personal

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