We all have something that we donâ??t like about our figures.  Here are some common things that women dislike about their figures, and ways that you can work with them should you find yourself dealing with them too.

Common figure faults and how to hide them

Wide hips: Avoid adding any more bulk to your hips â?? this means no side pockets.  Wear dark or neutral colours on the bottom and highlight your top half with accessories, bright colours or patterns. 

Small Bust: First things first, get yourself a Wonderbra.  This will enhance your breasts and give you some confidence.  Then look for tops that add volume to the bust like breast pockets, prints, bows and frills.  High-neck vests with cut-away sleeves, sleeveless blouses with detail on the front and chunky polo necks will all give you that little bit extra.  Avoid low necks, deep v-necks, corset tops and empire line dresses.

Large Bust: Your goal will be to minimise the size of your bust, which you can do by employing some of the following tactics: wide v-neck shirts, single-breasted jackets with small lapels and wrap tops.  Avoid any detail or volume over the bust (no frills or bows), boxy jackets, high-neck items and polo necks.

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Big Bum: Go for side-fastening trousers, wide leg trousers, pencil skirts and hipster jeans.  Stay away from tight high-waisted pants, tapered trousers, A-line skirts, large prints in a soft fabric (as they tend to cling and then exaggerate size) and shift dresses.

Chunky calves: Stick to flared pants, A-line skirts and dresses to the knee, open-toed chunky-heeled sandals, boots and long skirts.  Stay away from cropped pants, calf-length skirts, ankle straps on shoes and kitten heels.

Flabby Tummy: Find tops that skim over your tummy: empire waist shirts and dresses will do the trick, while wrap tops and ruching will also go a long way to hiding flabby bits.  Alternatively, go for trousers and skirts with thick waistbands that fasten on the side, low-waisted jeans, or magic knickers that keep it all in check. Avoid skin-clinging shirts and dresses, short t-shirts, tight tops (as they usually rid up to reveal the skin beneath) and pants that are too tight at the waistband. 

No Waist: You can create a waist with any of the following items: wrap tops (and dresses), corset tops, deep v-neck shirts and belts around the waist.  Stay away from shift dresses, double-breasted jackets and baggy blouses as they hide the waist you are trying to define.

Short: Wearing one colour head to toe will make you look taller instantly â?? but you run the risk of looking slightly boring.  More ingenious ways of elongating your silhouette include: high-heels, wedges, trousers that are no more than an inch above the ground, skirts to just below your knee, and avoiding cargo or ¾ length pants.

Big upper arms: There are a multitude of garment styles out there that will help to hide big upper arms, the most obvious being sleeves: cap sleeves, batwing, kimono, ¾ and full length sleeves will all do the job.  Otherwise, if you dead-set on wearing sleeveless or strapless garments, wrap a Pashmina around your shoulders.