Increasingly fashion retailers are focusing on promoting gentle living on our planet, by being sensitive to both our environment and to the people who inhabit it…..

So what is organic all about?

It’s about producing goods that work in harmony with, and not against, nature. The aim is to eradicate the use of harmful chemicals by making effective use of nature’s natural resources. Organically raised cotton is gradually winning over new ground both on the farm and in the market place.

Wear plants, not plastic

The process of making polyester generates a great deal of C02, while cotton absorbs it as it grows.  A brand that has a strong organic focus and I love her stylish designs is LUNAR by Karen TerMorshuizen.

Ethical fashion

â??Ethical Fashionâ?? is growing globally due to the demands of consumers who want more ethical fashion choices. The term ethical in fashion encompasses a wide range of issues such as workers rights, global trading practices, and chemical usage in garment production as well as social and environmental issues.

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How can we dress to save our planet?

By making educated choices on what we purchase.

Reduce, re-use, recycle – The Jack Johnson song â??Reduce, Re-use, Recycleâ? comes to mind.

Reduce – Cut down on impulse buys, buy what suits you. Buy good basic items & add the seasonal fashion pieces.

Re-use – Adapt and change your outfits, skinny jeans & leggings can give many short or knee length dresses a new lease in life.
Innovation in your wardrobe can take you from drab to fab! My experience from wardrobe consultations is that people have stunning items in their wardrobes, theyâ??ve just never thought of putting the various combinations together: this is where I wave my magic wand and show you how.

Recycle – Recycling (bring on the creative juices) items in our wardrobes e.g. take a dress that isn’t a flattering fit & alter it into a beautiful top.
Wear a skirt as a strapless dress; add a gorgeous belt, cinched in the waist to show off your waist.

Swapping & updating our looks each season with items and accessories from your friendâ??s wardrobes (another reason to meet at Book club!)
Recently I gave a friend of mine a coat that I know the colour doesnâ??t suit me.
The pleasure in seeing her gratitude over this gesture was so worthwhile.

Clothes-swapping is proving popular in these cash-strapped times. 
Known as â??Swishingâ?, one of the hottest trends in London, it’s a new take on the Tupperware party. 
Find a party, throw your own or browse the UK website: for ideas on swapping!

The charity and vintage clothes scene is big trend in England. Donate your old clothes to a charity of your choice. If you want, consider donating money to a charity of your choice (instead of a birthday club).

Keep your wardrobe fresh – spice moths out your wardrobe. Beware: mothballs can be very toxic and harmful. Intead, ot for sprinkling cupboards with cedar wood oil to flush moths out. Bags of Lavender will keep them away too.
Laundry and caring for clothes can be done in a more Eco-friendly way.  Washing on an economy cycle at 30 degrees saves a great deal of energy.  To save electricity, use line drying vs. tumble dryers.

Every little decision you take to go ‘green’ will make a difference to our planet.