The holiday season is upon us and shopping with and for female clients is always chaotic around this time of the year, nothing daunts quite like searching for the perfect swimming costume.

For years Iâ??ve been applying all possible self-taught techniques to disguise droopy bits, enlarge tiny organs and reassurance that certain clothes were produced out of spite and inconsideration of real women – nothing ever works. So Iâ??ve devoted the whole of this year to study anything that could save me from flipping through endless piles of useless print publications and the terrifying results from trips into fitting rooms.

Swimwear has definitely come a long way since childhood holidays and today, before purchasing swimwear, people consider accessories; a comfortable fit is not negotiable and trend frontward designer labels are on everybodyâ??s lips.

Large busts benefit from wide, underwire halter neck swimwear

I strongly suggest an investment in firm support, either in a form of quality underwire or wide halter necks. The last thing anybody wants is to witness is an unplanned striptease. A definite bet is solid coloured floral paired with neon accessories for matched attention. The brand to consider: Tracy B

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Embellished swimwear with bows or frills suit smaller bust areas

Ladies with a smaller bust area and the need to manipulate the view should go for romantic and embellished bikinis. Bows, frills or ties normally accentuate a smaller bust when properly positioned. A fitted two piece suit is ideal when worn with flat gladiator sandals and oversized sunglasses for a much needed attitude. Referred designer: Stoned Cherrie.

Swimwear featuring nautical stripes are in for longer torsos

Those with longer torsos can unapologetically haul last springâ??s nautical trend back into fashion, horizontal stripes are known to minimize length. Islets details and sporty cuts will work wonders when contradictorily teamed with sheer tunics and flip flops. Most retail outlets still have them.

Grecian pleats & cut-out designs go well with curvy waists & hips

Curvy women are bound to resemble goddesses whenever they wear metallic tones. A costume with Grecian pleats and tassels make for a less requirement of accessories and cut-out designs give an ultra-svelte silhouette. A neutral toned short kimono is perfect for a wow effect. suggested designer: Stiaan Louw

Celebrate a tiny frame with colour blocks & abstract art swimwear designs

Petite women also undergo general frustration when it comes to finding a swimming costume thatâ??s next to perfect – often there is the need to appear whimsical without bordering on a look for an over the top twelve year old. A tiny frame is best celebrated with colour blocks and abstract art, matched with a huge straw hat and patent shoes. This look goes beyond one season. Recommended brand: JBS

Tankini swimwear for those of us who havenâ??t shed our Winter weight

Well fed types are often advised to only ever look into buying one piece suits and wrap themselves in sarongs. I recommend the endearing tankini in basic black. Not only does the light absorbent shade assist tucking away the imperfections, it also oozes underlying levels of sexiness.  Ideal designer: Amanda Laird Cherry.

Who wouldâ??ve guessed a man designed the bikini?

Designed by a French car engineer Louis Réard during a turn as an employee in his motherâ??s lingerie boutique, Louis was determined to outshine the competition in a bid to make the worldâ??s smallest swimming costume.

He halved his creation and named it after Bikini Atoll, which was a nuclear weapon site. The two piece suit was deemed immoral as it revealed the navel and was subsequently banned in a number of countries. The item returned from the archives and was mostly worn by iconic bioscope darlings such as Marylyn Monroe and Brigitte Bardot.

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