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In a first for Africa, Johannesburg made it into the listing of the fashion capitals of the world for last year (2007) Another surprise entry was Dubai. Can you guess which city topped the list?

The ranking is surprising in a number of ways, most of which relate to the changing nature of the Global Fashion Industry. Cities that recently would have been considered fashion backwaters â?? or worse, are now emerging as significant regional hubs.

1. New York
2. Rome — Beats Paris, London and Milan
3. Paris — Heartbeat of the fashion world
4. London — Pulsing with creative energy
5. Milan
6. Tokyo — Gaining global influence
7. Los Angeles
8. Hong Kong
9. Las Vegas — Emerging as vibrant fashion center
10. Singapore — Strong regional hub
11. Berlin — Big fashion push & its working
12. Sydney — OZ scores two in the Top 20
13. Barcelona — Regional center grows in stature
14. Shanghai — China breaks into the Big Time
15. Melbourne — Gold Coast is golden for fashion
16. Moscow — Lenin would not be amused
17. Bangkok — Realizing its dream
18. Mumbai — Indian fashion influences globe
19. Santiago — Major strides for a proud nation
20. Rio de Janeiro — More than Carnivale and Ipanema
21. Sao Paolo — Money and fashion DO mix
22. Buenos Aires — Seat of Classic Beauty returns
23. Johannesburg — A first for Africa
24. Dubai Dubai — Yes, Dubai

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