As notebooks get smaller, lighter and more stylish so too do the handbags and accessories that support them. Ladies should know that nylon black is out whilst glamour is in!

Laptop bags have become increasingly fashionable

People are increasingly toting their computers between the office and home, making the laptop carrying case an essential accessory. The dilemma of the modern day businesswoman however is that whilst she exudes style and sophistication, her hand luggage might not!

The need for women on the go is to have a laptop bag that compliments your outfit and completes your expression of style. South African stockists of hand luggage for women Donna d’affari and Handsacks inspire a selection of laptop bags that provide fashion with functionality, durability and sophistication.

Laptop bags inspired by fashion and functionality

Premium hand luggage stockist, Karin Freeman, says itâ??s a given that requirements for women are most certainly different to those of men when it comes to professional laptop cases.

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â??â??Women require space for cosmetics, cell phone, a file or two and a little space for a snack on the go, â??â??says the Donna dâ??affari consultant.


Laptop bag features combine spacious design and durability with sophistication

Key features most laptop bags should have is a spacious design with sufficient storage to accommodate your laptop and related accessories like computer cables, documents, business cards, IPods or cell phone. Check the durability of the fabric, whether itâ??s easy to clean or not, does the interior have padding for protection and if the bag itself is comfortable and light enough to carry.

Currently the sole distributor of Handsacks laptop bags in South Africa, Diana says the demand for stylish handbags that double as professional totes has been phenomenal.

Whilst increasing in popularity as a fashion accessory, laptop bags should be more than just ornamental.

â??â??Available in a variation of colours, fabrics and finishes, these bags are ideal as handbag doubles especially suitable for travelling,â??â?? suggests Diana.

Current trends in laptop bag designs

Bestsellers on the Donna dâ??affari list include the Professional Briefcase, with its roomy interior and removable laptop section and the Signature Laptop Tote featuring adjustable handles that provide a versatile look.

Freeman has indicated leather laptop bags that look more like oversized handbags are the latest must haves in burgundy or black.

Laptop bags range from R560 to R2445

Handsacks has aimed at making trendy bags accessible to most women, setting prices between R560 to R650 per bag. The Red mock crock, pink faux suede and ‘luggage’ bags sell like hot-cakes!

Importing stock and shipping it to anywhere in South Africa, Donna dâ??affari prices range between R1950 and R2445 with your bag taking two to three days to get to you.

For Handsacks and Donna dâ??affari brochures and price lists, contact Handsacks directly on 083 480 0320 and or Donna d’affari on 079 416 0133 or for more information.