Summer is the perfect time of year to snip away your lengthy locks in exchange for a lighter hairdo. Whether you opt for short sleek styles or choppy cuts, we give you a breakdown on the hottest short hair trends for summer.

The Shag Short Haircut

This style is purposely longer in the front than the back to give the face an angular appearance. A look perfected by Rihanna and Victoria Beckham and great for square or round faces, not oval shapes! 

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The Bob Haircut

The bob is proving to be quite the sensational showstopper as seen on Katie Holmes. The great thing about it being the variety of styles this cut comes in, with the most popular being chin length. The hair is cut the same length all the way around the head and is suitable for oval, heart, and square shaped faces.


This cut can be accentuated with bangs or fringes and depending on your mood can be worn sleek or curly.  Make use of side or middle partings with tapered edges at the front to give it some sass!

If youâ??re keen to experiment with this look, try going from a shaggy bob to cutting long bangs below the ear lobe but short around the ears. The back can be flipped out and the sides and front can be spiked to achieve an elegant messy look. Depending on individual tastes and varying lengths, this look can be customised to suit all face shapes.

The Boy Short Haircut

Think Halle Berry and youâ??ll have the impression of an adorable, messy look thatâ??s ideal to wash and wear to the beach.  Cropped short with bangs above the ears, this is probably the lowest maintenance cut of the season.

The Spike Haircut

Ideal for oval and heart shaped faces, the spike haircut can be layered above the ears in and worn parted to one side for effect. If youâ??re particularly daring and looking for a drastic change, eliminate the layers for an all-round short look. Go short above the ears and in the back, spiking the front and sides.

For best results, tell your hair stylist what your daily hair care routine consists of so that they can advise you on which look is best suited to your maintenance scheme. Take along a picture of the cut youâ??re after and what youâ??d think would suit you or enhance your appearance.  Ask for a professional opinion about the style and whether or not it complements your facial structure, hair texture and colour. Donâ??t forget to ask for advice on how to manage your new look so you can keep it fresh all summer long.