The Perfect Swimsuit

A flattering swimsuit makes excellent use of fabric, colour, design and prints to accentuate proportions. Whether a one or two piece bather, a carefully selected swimsuit can create the impression of a flawless figure!

Swimsuit fabrics, designs & colours

Swimwear made from Lycra, Nylon and Spandex offers great stretch and the fabric not only helps to minimize bulges and slight imperfections, but is likely to withstand constant exposure to water and sunlight without losing elasticity.

Speaking of which, you might want to check that the fit doesnâ??t verge on too elastic; youâ??d need a comfortable fit that keeps your bits and bobs in place without squeezing the life out of you.

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A key factor to consider when choosing swimwear that flatters is design. The cut, style and colour are very important in terms of minimizing or accentuating particular parts of the body.

Swimsuits that detract from or accentuate problem areas

Darker colours like black generally detract from problem areas. Stripes are a touch and go element of design and tricky to carry off effectively. Whilst vertical lines have a diminishing effect on flaws, the opposite is true for horizontals as these tend to cut your height in half and have a thickening effect. If youâ??re unsure about crossing the line, stick to safer solids and smaller prints.

Full, round figure: The one-piece boob-tube suit exposes the chest area to balance the body and without straps, gives it a little bit of sexiness!

Hour-glass: Halter or triangle bikinis are best to show off your legs and upper half.

Not enough curves: A one-piece halter wrap suit that dips low in front and ties around the neck like a halter top with material wrapped around the waist area cuts a silhouetted figure.

A note on colour: If a bathing suit has patterns it will draw the eyes to that particular area. Dark colors conceal, while light colors emphasis.

Swimsuits for the wide-hipped & belly bulging

A one-piece suit in a dark-colour is what youâ??re after, preferably in a style that cuts across hips rather than below them. Aim for a solid dark colour for the lower half of the suit but a lighter colour or printed bodice for the upper half. This use of colour diverts attention away from wide hips or a belly bulge to the upper body. Alternately, make clever use of a brightly coloured sarong to conceal your mid-section and lower body.

Swimsuits for the smaller breasted & square figured

Lightly padded halter tops or underwired bra-shaped cups enhance smaller chests. Opt for intricate designs that create proportion with ruffled designs or decorative beads and prints on the bust area. If you fit into this category, you can carry off sweetheart, V-neck, or scoop necklines to perfection.


Elongate a petite or square frame with a one-piece suit that has thin vertical stripes; if youâ??re square shaped with short legs choose a bather with a high cut on the hip. The appearance of a waist can be achieved with a bikini shaped like a tank top [tankini] that has a darker colour from the crotch to the middle ribs and a lighter colour over the chest.

Swimsuits for the fuller breasted

Look for designs in dark, solid colours that offer support. A bodice with a high or square-cut neck or tank top should do the trick. You can minimize heavy breasts with a bather that has one color on the top and another on the bottom.

Swimsuits for the heavy bottomed

Your best bet would be a combination bikini bottom skirt. This is a shorts that looks like a skirt covering your hips and thighs. Cute and comfortable shorts can be used over a one piece or bikini bottom to deflect from this zone.

Once youâ??ve achieved your most flattering look accessorise with a straw hat, beach thongs, sunglasses and a mesh bag. Donâ??t forget the sunscreen!