Last month we wrote about ways to beat post-holiday depression. The article has stuck with me since then, and I’ve realised the importance that travel, even travel-planning, has on my mental state …

I see holidays as medicine, a panacea.

I’ve learned to use my wanderlust to cure even my daily frustrations at work. Here are five common stress-inducing work scenarios, and the videos I use to counter them.

It’s difficult to remember how vast our world is when you’re staring at your cubicle wall. That’s why I find this video so inspiring. It gives me a sense of perspective, and allows me to transcend my immediate worries – even if it is just for a couple of minutes.

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Even if you are lucky enough to have air-conditioning in your office, chances are that the mercurial machine will decide to take a couple of days’ sick leave at some point during summer.  And, in accordance with Murphy’s law, Carl the Elusive Electrician is likely to be taking a long lunch just as it happens. While most of my colleagues are sweating, or plugging in their teeny-tiny USB fans, I find solace in snow.

Then comes the 3pm slump on a rainy day, and Jenny from IT hijacks you while you’re making much-needed coffee.

“You know, you should be leaving early today. You know how traffic gets in this weather.”

No Jenny, some of us have deadlines to meet and our neurons are working at half-speed. Yes, I’ve tried switching my brain off and on again. Turns out the “ON” button is more difficult to find than the “OFF”.

It is times like these that I fantasise about taking a never-ending holiday, a slow-boat to nowhere.

We’ve all been there:

Your colleague in the neighbouring cubicle – or worse, next to you in an open office – is having a too-loud convo about their fabulous plans for the weekend. The conversation is peppered with name-drops and punctuated by the occasional shrill laugh.

Here’s my newest solution: Morgan Freeman’s voice. Put on those headphones and let your ears melt to the warm, but gravelly sounds. Let his words transport you to far-flung locations.

I’m a news addict

I’m constantly and anxiously refreshing my news feed throughout the day. It is essential to keep informed, but it also occasionally gives me a severe case of move-to-Australia-itis. There’s no way I could leave our great country though.

Partly because my medical aid refuses to cover that particular affliction, but mostly because all the beauty there is to experience here. When I need to remind myself of how lucky I am to live here, I put on this video.

I imagine how many people around the world dream of coming here for a holiday. Maybe there’s someone in a high-rise office in London, using this video to escape from their ergonomic desks.