Last updated on Jan 27th, 2021 at 05:37 pm

Pearl Thusi has some Valentine’s Day advice for her fans

The Quantico star took to her blog this week to share what she really thinks about the romantic holiday.

Pearl revealed that she was a Valentine’s Day rebel for years, and called the love celebration a gimmick. She told her boyfriend that she doesn’t care about that day, and that he should not bother getting her anything.

“Thank God the people I was telling these alternative truths to knew I was lying. What I was trying to say is, “You should be getting me gifts every damn day n*gga!”.

Despite learning to appreciate Valentine’s Day (a tiny bit), Pearl say she is not a big fan of roses

“No one should be giving me dead bodies as a gift, no matter how pretty they look. Give me a plant with roots and soil and stuff. I won’t say no to roses or any other flower, they’re beautiful, but please don’t assume I should be extremely excited. I just think, “Congratulations, you just played yourself. You wasted money!”

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The 28-year-old added that she doesn’t get why it is always the man who has to go all out on V-Day to impress his lady with chocolates, flowers and expensive gifts.

Pearl believes women should be just as over-the-top as the special men in their lives

“Ladies, do something insane for him too. Get him that latest play-station, listen to the frivolous needs of your man as well. When I say be ‘grand’, I mean be spectacular- but even and more particularly with the little things. Iron his shirt that morning even if you’re not that kinda girl (note- but don’t burn it honey).

“Just go out of your way. The truth is- while chivalry will always be welcomed, if we hope gender equality will be achieved, we must also level the playing field on these days (sic).”

Well said, Pearl!